4 Tips for Reducing Wear on Your New Carpet

 When you invest in new carpeting, you want it to stay beautiful for years to come. Your carpet can have a long life if you care for it properly, otherwise, it shows signs of wear. Wear is a combination of dirt and damage to the carpet fibers. It can be minimized through proper maintenance of your new carpet. Here are a few tips for reducing the amount of wear your carpet receives, so it looks like new for as long as possible.

Protect Against Sun Damage

You may not give it much thought, but the sun can fade your carpet. If you leave your blinds open every day, the carpeting in the patch of sunlight will be gradually damaged by UV rays. This results in loss of color and damage to the fibers.

If you want to keep your blinds open, consider putting UV film on the glass. You can have clear film installed, so it is invisible while protecting your carpet. Another option is to use area rugs in places where the sun hits your carpet since it is easier and less expensive to replace rugs than it is to replace your carpet.

Rotate High Traffic Areas

Even out the wear on your carpet by moving your furniture around occasionally. If you don't, you may notice the carpet under the sofa is pristine in a few years while the carpet in front of the sofa is discolored, matted and worn. By moving furniture around, you change the traffic paths in your house so the carpet wears out more evenly.

It isn't possible to change high traffic paths in places like hallways and entryways, so in those instances, use runners or area rugs to take some of the burden of heavy use off of your carpet.

Vacuum Often and Spot Clean Stains

Vacuuming is more than just a boring chore. It actually protects your carpet from damage. Although it may be unrealistic to vacuum your carpet daily, the more often you do it, the better it is for your carpet. Why? Because vacuuming pulls sharp bits of grit out of the fibers.

This grit cuts the fibers when the carpet is walked on. This is one reason high traffic areas still look worn and dirty after the carpet has been cleaned. It isn't necessarily due to dirt, it's because the fibers have been damaged from an accumulation of grit and the damage changes the way the fibers reflect light.

So, be sure to vacuum your carpet as often as you can—at least a few times each week—to keep it looking nice and to prolong its life. Clean up stains as soon as they happen too, especially pet accidents that may be difficult to remove later. Use a product recommended by the carpet manufacturer, so you don't damage the fibers with harsh chemicals.

Deep Clean at Least Once a Year

Your new carpet comes with the manufacturer's recommendation for the frequency and type of deep cleaning necessary to prolong the life of your carpet. This is usually once each year. However, if you have pets in the home, you might want to have your carpets cleaned more often to keep dirt and odors out of the fibers.

Deep cleaning should be done by a professional. Rented cleaning machines are not as effective and they have a tendency to leave the fibers too damp. Plus, DIY machines can leave too much soap residue behind. Professional cleaning lifts stains from the carpet and pulls out deep dirt, so your carpet smells fresh, looks clean and is free from damaging dirt.

When you're ready to put new carpet in your home, visit Riverview Carpet & Flooring, Inc. for a wide variety of colors and fibers to choose from. Then, follow the suggestions above for maintaining your carpet. That way, your new installation will bring your home beauty and comfort for many years.