Kid-Friendly Flooring You Will Want To Use In Each Child's Bedroom

Kids and flooring often don't mix: a single spill or accident can cause dents, stains, scratches, and other flooring damage. Kids can also get hurt on hardwood flooring when they roughhouse, and children can cause carpet to wear out much sooner than you'd like.
Fortunately, there are many types of flooring that are practically kid-proof in application and design. Imagine soft floors, stain-resistant materials, and fun hues your children can enjoy. Here are some ideas for kid-friendly flooring you can consider for every room in the house — even the baby's room.

Rubber Flooring

The same rubber substance you can find on many playgrounds can also be used as padded flooring for your kids' rooms. Even better, the material naturally creates friction between itself and the floor, so when you set large rubber mats on the floor, they will largely stay in place and take care of themselves.
Slip-resistant, durable, colorful and safe for little bottoms to land on, rubber is an ideal flooring option for you if you have young children in the home or a brand-new baby you want to keep safe and sound. Since rubber is somewhat new to the flooring market, it can be on the pricey end of kid-friendly flooring options, but the benefits of rubber flooring make it well worth the cost.

Corkboard Flooring

Another soft, yielding, impact-absorbing material that is great for a kid’s room, playroom or even a nursery is corkboard. Corkboard comes in a variety of fun patterns and hues and is cheaper than rubber while offering many of the same results.
The only downside to corkboard is that if you have a child who is destructive to flooring or have large pets, corkboard on its own may not be ideal. Corkboard flooring can be somewhat easy to tear or poke holes in. You can alleviate this problem, however, by adding colorful rugs with rubber backing (for traction) to high-traffic areas, such as in front of your child's closet, bed, and doorway.

Nylon Frieze Carpet

With durable fibers that are twisted in a tightly woven design, nylon frieze carpet is a winner for families with high-energy kids. The tight carpet fibers do well to hide debris and crumbs and do a great job of holding their shape even after years of wear and tear.
As with any carpet in your home, you want to make sure you vacuum regularly to pull hair, dander, and allergens out of the fibers. If you have kids who love the soft feel of traditional carpet but are likely to put their carpet through a lot of grief, nylon frieze is a great option for you. Nylon frieze carpet is available in many colors and brands, so talk to your flooring expert about choosing the style that fits your needs and budget best.

Care for Kid-Proof Flooring

While choosing a kid-friendly flooring style is great for the appearance and usefulness of your child's room, you still need to make sure you take care of the flooring you choose. Carpet needs to be cleaned professionally twice a year (or more, if your children have allergies).
You’ll need to sweep and disinfect corkboard and rubber flooring on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from spills and debris from common traffic from making your children sick.
Talk to your flooring expert about kid-friendly flooring options that will work best for your budget and style needs. You'd be surprised how much a flooring upgrade can make a positive difference in the quality of your kids' rooms.
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