Tips to Keep Your Laminate Shiny

cleaning tile

Laminate floors enhance the look of any home. One of the primary reasons people choose to install laminate floors is for their aesthetic appeal. In many cases, laminate floors are very easy to care for, as long as owners remember these essential cleaning tips.

Clean Often

Dust and dirt collect on laminate floors since they are naturally smooth surfaces. Owners should use a broom with soft bristles or a slightly damp mop a few days per week. For tough corners, a duster or the brush attachment on a vacuum will work. Any liquid spills that occur should be wiped up immediately to avoid water stains.

Avoid Harsh Solvents

Laminate is not the same as wood, so products like wood soap, pine cleaners and waxing products should be avoided. Avoid heavily saturated mops, as they can dull the surface of the floor.

Avoid Scratches & Scuffs

Sharp objects should never make contact with the surface of the laminate. This includes objects like stiletto shoes, pet claws and the bottoms of furniture. Use rugs or furniture pads to protect the surface of the laminate.

A laminate floor can be a work of art, instantly beautifying any home. However, the key to keeping its beautiful sheen is to treat it with care. To find the laminate flooring that is right for your home, visit Riverview Carpet and Flooring, Inc. today.