Types of Pet Friendly Flooring

pet friendly floor
When you are thinking of doing some renovations around the house, you have to think about what is best for you and any pets you have. Some types offlooring simply are not conducive to owning a pet, so get one of these floors if you have a furry friend in your home.


Hardwood is an excellent choice because it is much easier to clean than carpeting. Additionally, if your pet has an accident on the floor, it is simpler to mop it up off hardwood than other materials. Other types of flooring can also stain immediately if your animal goes to the bathroom inside your house.


It is also easy to clean up accidents off laminate flooring. However, laminate is also far less likely to leave behind scratches than other surfaces. The addition of mats or rugs can enhance the aesthetic considerably.

Stone and Tile

These materials are incredibly durable, so you will not have to worry about seeing any scratches or cracks any time soon. Stone is also great in the event of an accident because urine can easily be mopped up without worrying about it negatively affecting the material.
With the right type of flooring, you will not have to worry about what your cat or dog does. Call Riverview Carpet & Flooring Inc. to review all your flooring options.