Diagonal Style Carpet — Laminate Flooring in Verona, PA
At Riverview Carpet and Flooring, Inc., we offer an extensive selection of carpet in different styles and colors. From traditional plush options to customized wool prints, we can make an idea or design into a reality.

If you are unsure of what carpet you are looking for, we will ask you questions to find out what direction we feel will be the best options to make you happy.

We are unlike other showrooms in that we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your choice over making a sale. For example, we will not sell you carpet until you have taken the sample home and seen the color in your lighting; we do not want you to be surprised or disappointed by the color or style.


The different fibers that make up carpet can get confusing because each has its advantages. Your ultimate selection of carpet will be successful if you choose by which characteristics are important to you.

Please browse the sections below to find your perfect carpet fiber. As always, if you have any questions, contact us!

Still having trouble deciding on a fiber for your new carpet installation? Consider blends!

Carpet blends combine two or more yarn types in one piece of carpet. Blends are designed to combine the beneficial properties of each blended yarn style.

While our website outlines basic characteristics of these different fibers, how the fiber is processed and fabricated – the construction – is more of a determining factor of a carpet's performance potential.

When you're ready to learn more about the superior quality products we carry, please stop in the showroom for samples and design options!


Carpet is one of the best flooring insulators for heat and cold in a home. Research shows that carpet doesn’t just feel warmer – it also insulates up to 17 times better than other flooring. It reduces the transfer of heat or cold from radiating through the floor.

According to the Shaw website, recent tests were performed at the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs, one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world. Their findings confirm that carpet and pad significantly increases the R-value (thermal resistance) compared to other flooring materials. It is important to mention that the results varied slightly due to the construction of the carpet; the heavier the carpet, the higher the R-value. Padding also added to the overall R-value.
  • Carpet vs. engineered hardwood: from three to seven times the R-value
  • Carpet vs. laminate: from four to eight times the R-value
  • Carpet vs. ceramic tile: from eight to 17 times the R-value
What a great way to reduce your utility bill!


  • Oldest used fiber
  • Weaving of wool carpets is traced back to 3,000 B.C.
  • Does not have the stain and abrasion resistance of man-made fibers, but has an enduring quality
  • Wool rugs and carpet are said to "age gracefully," as do other natural products like leather and stone
  • Offers a sense of prestige
  • Ecofriendly
  • Generally more expensive than synthetic carpet


  • The most common used fiber since the early 1960's
  • More expensive than other synthetic carpets
  • Can be used in a variety of carpet styles
  • Many yarns are very soft
  • Durable, resilient and receptive to being dyed in many different colors
  • Treated with stain protection to protect from household stains and spills
Polypropylene/ Olefin
  • Will not absorb water
  • Yarns are solution-dyed (pigment goes through the entire yarn)
  • Colors are fade resistant and stain resistant against bleach, harsh chemicals, spills, etc.
  • Not as resilient as other yarns; normally used in loop-pile constructions
  • Yarns are exceptionally soft and colorful
  • Naturally stain- and fade-resistant
  • Not as resilient as nylon, but will perform similarly if constructed well
  • Generally only available in cut-pile styles
  • Usually less expensive than nylons of comparable weights
  • Allergy-resistant fiber that is very durable and incredibly soft
  • Very mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Quick-drying, which is best for individuals with allergies or asthma


  • Higher-quality carpet for use in high-traffic and high-wear situations
  • Generally not as plush as residential carpet, but can create a beautiful, durable look for any commercial situation
  • Comes in broadloom or tile options


  • Riverview Carpet does not stock premade rugs, but offers customizable carpet that can be cut and bound in various shapes and sizes, with extra added flair.