Wood flooring is a long-lasting solution that can beautifully tie together the décor of a room to its flooring. It can come in many different wood types, colors and hues, and it can even be painted.

From species like cherry, oak, walnut and hickory, to exotic woods, wood can be suited to any taste or design. With proper maintenance, wood flooring can last for a very long time.


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Bamboo is a harvested grass that is generated eight times faster than hardwood. It matures faster, and the retrieval does not kill the plant. It is made from pressed bamboo stalks and is made into planks and can be installed like wood flooring.

Durability depends upon the construction – vertical vs. horizontal color, natural, caramelized or strand-woven.


Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees and naturally sheds its bark every nine to 15 years. It is naturally resilient and attractive to look at; it also adds bounce to the floor and is mildew resistant.

Cork can come in varying natural and man-made colors and is naturally warm to the touch.


The Janka Hardness Test measures the capacity of a wood to withhold pressure. This is done by measuring the amount of force required to insert a 11.28-millimeter (.444 inches) diameter steel ball half its diameter deep into the wood. Doing so creates a circular indention with an area of 100 square millimeters.

These particular data are expressed in pounds-force (lbf), and are side hardness data. This means that the testing was done on the surface of a plank, with the force exerted perpendicular to the grain.

Long story short, the higher the number the harder the wood. The harder the wood, the more resistant the wood flooring is to dents and scratches. Is any wood scratch-proof? No, any species is able to be scratched.

With proper care you can keep your wood flooring looking great for years.

Little secret – keep a stain marker the color of your floor in a drawer to have on hand if you do get a gouge. Crayons work also!

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