Riverview Carpet has a vast selection of ceramic tile in all shapes, colors, sizes and textures. From handmade tiles from the United States to machine-made imports, we have choices for all environments and budgets!


A more durable version of ceramic, porcelain has been developed to withstand pretty much anything. Designed for commercial floors, porcelain is now a standard in both residential and commercial applications. Artists have designed porcelain to mimic wood, linen, stone, metal, ceramic, wallpaper and many other things!
Colored Cream Tiles — Flooring in Verona, PA


Natural stones add a certain depth, warmth and richness that is unparalleled. Available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, colors and edge details, stone can be used in practically any application. Some stones are better suited for certain applications, and they do require some additional maintenance. Depending on the amount of traffic, stone should be sealed every few years. Like leather, stone will age gracefully over the years, adding more character and uniqueness. Riverview Carpet has hundreds of different colors and types of stone – come see what we have!


Glass has obviously been around for many years, but glass mosaics are more popular than ever. You will feel like a kid in a candy store when you see the amazing array of colors, combinations, sizes and textures that are available. Installed in an entire space or as a border, glass can make a dramatic impact or the perfect pop of color that you were looking for in your space!


Metal tiles fulfill the modernist appetite in all of us. Available in stainless steel, copper and bronze, you will find a selection of finishes, sizes and combinations with glass and stone.

More traditional aged metal decos and borders are also available to be combined with stone, porcelain and glass!