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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Pittsburgh

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Did You Know?

In order to maintain your carpet warranties, the manufacturer requires a certified technician and equipment be used every 12 to 18 months.

We offer our customers a discounted rate for warranty maintenance.

About Our Carpet Cleaning

  • Our Process – We use a hot-water extraction, 100% clean-water rinse system.
  • Equipment – All of our equipment is internal, meaning no doors are left open while cleaning and no hoses are run from outside to inside.
  • Steps in Cleaning – We begin by moving any furniture in areas you request to be cleaned under and then prevacuum all areas to be cleaned. After this step, a prespray is applied to aid in soil release and is raked into the carpet.
  • Hot water is then used to rinse the carpet thoroughly, allowing for a virtually residue-free surface. This prevents rapid resoiling due to detergents left behind as with some other cleaning processes.
  • Spot Removal and Treatment – Spot cleaning is also performed on any area that shows visible signs of soil after the cleaning process. Different types of spotters may be used, depending on the type of soil present in the carpet.
  • There are, however, some spots that are not able to be removed successfully. At this point they are classified as stains where the color of the carpet has been altered. These can only be made clean but not changed back to the original color of the carpet.